Underground Music

Fancy Suits

Here’s a track I’ve had for a while that I decided to release. Im just spitting some flows over a bluesy beat….

Fancy Suits

Written & Produced By Ricky Balboa tHa sLk 1


Beats & Rhymes Episode 8 & 9

Whats up everyone ?

Today I’m sharing two new episodes of Beats & Rhymes.

Episode 8


Episode 9

Beats & Rhymes Episode 6 & 7

Today I share with you two videos. Two previews to a couple of tracks I want to release soon.

Episode 6


Episode 7

Beats & Rhymes Episode 4

Here is episode 4 of my Beats & Rhymes series I started this week. Each day I share a preview to a track I’m working on…..Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel to stay updated as soon as a video drops…..

5 Minute Beat Challenge

What’s Good…..My man Rayne Drop challenged me to do the 5 Minute Beat Challenge. I have to admit i was a bit nervous but i made it through..haha…Here it is hope you guys enjoy it…..


1. A timer
2. A sampler
3. A single record to sample from.
4. Pre saved drum(s)/kit(s) permitted
5. Sampler turns on as the timer starts
6. No edited video allowed

Knowledge And Art Of Self


“It Don”t Stop” is the first track from the new collective of emcees , producers and artists that go by the name “K.A.O.S” – Knowledge And Art Of Self. The first track features dC & Deez from the group “nSRK” and Ricky Balboa tHa sLk 1 features and produced the track. Stay Tune For More !!!!!!


Late Night Session (Series)

All tracks are written , produced and recorded by me during the day and released in the middle of the night. This is for fans of drum breaks , dirty loops/chops and real raps. Here is the collection so far.

Please enjoy and if you dig it please share repost or leave a comment.