The Source

Tupac 1971-1996

I can’t believe its already been 19 years since Tupac passed away. He was a huge influence on me and many from my generation. He taught me how to rap with true feelings and passion and thats what I try to do with my music. R.I.P to the legend. Here’s the cover The Source magazine released right after his death.



The Real Queen Of Hip Hop

The Original Queen on the cover of The Source… Man what can you say about this woman, she’s done it all but her roots lay in the culture of Hip Hop and thats dope. Respect to the QUEEN !!!!!

Queen Latifah

The Source (1998)


Forgot About Dre

“You’re playing with motherfuckers’ lives
I done watched Dre get fucked on The Chronic
Probably cause I was on it
Now you fucked me out of my mics twice, I let it slide
I said I wouldn’t hold my fuckin breath to get a 5
Shit I was right, I’da fuckin died already tryin
I swear to God, I never lie, I bet that’s why
You let that bitch give me that bullshit review
I sat and took it, I ain’t look at the shit, we knew” – Eminem


The Boondocks (1998)

I just found this old Boondocks comic strip in one of my old Source magazines. The Boondocks started as a comic strip so this is history your looking at. Im going to see if I can find some more to post. Enjoy !!!!

The Boondocks

The Source

By Aaron McGruder



Unsigned Hype

Before Eminem became a Hip Hop megastar he was jus another emcee who got some shine on the Unsigned Hype column in The Source magazine. In the future I will also be a megastar…haha….


The Source (Unsigned Hype)