The Source Magazine

Tupac 1971-1996

I can’t believe its already been 19 years since Tupac passed away. He was a huge influence on me and many from my generation. He taught me how to rap with true feelings and passion and thats what I try to do with my music. R.I.P to the legend. Here’s the cover The Source magazine released right after his death.



The Real Queen Of Hip Hop

The Original Queen on the cover of The Source… Man what can you say about this woman, she’s done it all but her roots lay in the culture of Hip Hop and thats dope. Respect to the QUEEN !!!!!

Queen Latifah

The Source (1998)


Shark Biter

Back in the days bitting styles was a big No, No but now in days know one seems to give a fuck. People copy others and make it obvious..damn. Back in the day (1998) Puffy was voted by the source readers as the biggest shark biter. Reakwon even had a song called “Shark Biters” Now muthafucka’s smile like puff in this photo, proud that they sound like the next man/woman…


Nas Back To The Past

Nas back in 1999. He would make his triumphant comeback in 2001 with Stillmatic thanks to Jay Z who sparked Nas to return to Nas and drop Escobar.

The Source (Last Word)

May 1999


Eminem VS The Source (2004)

Remember when Benzino had beef with Eminem? Well he still managed to use his image to sell magazines…This was when The Source started to lose its identity. It went from the Hip Hop bible to to a magazine dedicated to destroying Eminem. It was obvious Benzino just loved drama as he would later star in Love & Hip Hop…Nuff said !!!!!


The Source

Feb 2004


Jay Z The Man Of The Millennium

Jay Z by far has been one of the most successful Hip Hop entrepreneur’s of the 2000’s. So here he is on the front cover of the first issue of The Source for the year 2000. 15 years later he’s a man that wears a lot of different hats in the business world. Vey inspiring indeed…..

Jay Z

The Source (Cover)

Jan 2000


The Original Queen B

Before Lil Kim ruined her face she was super hot. Here she’s posing for The Source’s annual sex issue. I feel bad for people who are never satisfied with the way they look. Love yourself and others will love you to.

Lil Kim

The Source Magazine

Dec 1999