tha slk 1

Sunset Beat Tape Vol. 2

Sunset Beat Tape Vol. 2 is a collection of beats produced during the spring.



Here’s the first single off my upcoming Beat Tape that I will be releasing in early 2017.

Im starting things off with this funky beat laced with some funky vocal chops for a funky experience.

Released December 11, 2016

Produced By tha sLk 1

Mixed & Mastered By tHa sLk 1

Fancy Suits

Here’s a track I’ve had for a while that I decided to release. Im just spitting some flows over a bluesy beat….

Fancy Suits

Written & Produced By Ricky Balboa tHa sLk 1

Beats & Rhymes Episode 8 & 9

Whats up everyone ?

Today I’m sharing two new episodes of Beats & Rhymes.

Episode 8


Episode 9

Beats & Rhymes Episode 6 & 7

Today I share with you two videos. Two previews to a couple of tracks I want to release soon.

Episode 6


Episode 7

Woo Hah!!! (tHa sLk 1 Remix)

Happy Saturday !!!!

Here’s my first official remix of the year. I came across the original sample and decided to flip it and refresh the beat. The song is going to turn 20 years old so creating this brought back a lot of good memories when I was just a fan of music before I ever touched a sampler. The ability to do what I do amazes me everyday. Enjoy !!!!


My Hip Hop

Check out these tracks I wrote, produced and recorded for the month of June. I was inactive for about 6,7 months but I’m back and these are the songs I returned with. I’m currently writing and recording songs and instrumentals for my next release. Stay Tune !!!! If you enjoy the music please share it or reblog it. Thank you all so much for your support !!!!