instrumental hip hop

Crazy Winter The Beat Tape Vol. 1

Crazy Winter The Beat Tape Vol 1 was produced during the winter months. Locked in my studio with just some old samples and drum breaks and inspired by the producers of yesterday. It’s a blend and mix of dirty loops and chops seamlessly put together over classic break beats.

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A Turntable & Maschine (Lonnie Liston Smith)

Here’s another beat making video for you guys. I sampled some Lonnie Liston Smith and found a dope loop. Then I chopped a dirty drum break and put it all together.


Beat Making 101 With Ricky Balboa

Tonight I got two beat videos. One using vinyl to sample and one with just a piano and some drums. I don’t stick to one way. I jump between sampling and non sampling or mix both. Enjoy !!!!




Burning (Beat Making Session)

BURNING – Prod By tHa sLk 1

Check out this beat I made from scratch pointing out the basics in sampling. I’ve watched a lot of beat making videos over the years and learned a lot. So I thought I’d start giving back and it all starts here. I’ll upload more videos in the future depending how well this vide dose. So hopefully you guys enjoy it and ill be more then happy to make more. Keeping Real Hip Hop Alive !!!!!

If you want to lease or purchase this beat here’s the link –

I’m About To Ruin

How’s going everyone….Here is my first official track off my upcoming mixtape that i’ll be dropping soon. I’ll announce the tittle this following week. Im going no holds barred on this next release and I’m going to start slowly with this dirty instrumental. Enjoy !!!!


What A Day “Im Felling High” Feat Erykah Badu

Here’s an instrumental I put together were I sampled a couple jazz loops and chopped them. Then I sprinkled it with some Erykah Badu vocal hits. It’s a nice smooth track to get hight to or just chill.