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In The Lab With Ricky

Im starting a new series of Beat making videos I call “In The Lab With Ricky” I go through the basic steps on how to create a beat. I sample and create feel good Boom Bap music. So sit back relax and enjoy episode 1.


Beats & Rhymes Episode 8 & 9

Whats up everyone ?

Today I’m sharing two new episodes of Beats & Rhymes.

Episode 8


Episode 9

Beats & Rhymes Episode 5

Another day , another video…..Check out Episode 5 of my Beats & Rhymes Series. I left my comfort zone to make these videos and feel very proud of myself. It was hard but i did it because I believe in myself…..

5 Minute Beat Challenge

What’s Good…..My man Rayne Drop challenged me to do the 5 Minute Beat Challenge. I have to admit i was a bit nervous but i made it through..haha…Here it is hope you guys enjoy it…..


1. A timer
2. A sampler
3. A single record to sample from.
4. Pre saved drum(s)/kit(s) permitted
5. Sampler turns on as the timer starts
6. No edited video allowed

The Return

Hello ladies and gentlemen…..Its been a while since i posted anything but thats about to change. Let me start with sharing this video of me rapping over some of my production. It’s a preview of a song I’m currently working on. I plan on taking you all on a journey as I create my project and preview songs live as i go. Hope you all enjoy it and if you do then please share and reblog.

Thank you all so much !!!!

The Corner

The Corner (Remix) 2016


Produced By tHa sLk 1


Van Alden (Music Video)

BOOM !!!! Check out my directorial debut. Its just a short video but Im still learning and this is just the beginning. I made this with a simple camera and iMovie for Mac.

If you like the song DOWNLOAD IT HERE –