boom bap


Here’s the first single off my upcoming Beat Tape that I will be releasing in early 2017.

Im starting things off with this funky beat laced with some funky vocal chops for a funky experience.

Released December 11, 2016

Produced By tha sLk 1

Mixed & Mastered By tHa sLk 1


Fancy Suits

Here’s a track I’ve had for a while that I decided to release. Im just spitting some flows over a bluesy beat….

Fancy Suits

Written & Produced By Ricky Balboa tHa sLk 1

Beats & Rhymes Episode 4

Here is episode 4 of my Beats & Rhymes series I started this week. Each day I share a preview to a track I’m working on…..Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel to stay updated as soon as a video drops…..

5 Minute Beat Challenge

What’s Good…..My man Rayne Drop challenged me to do the 5 Minute Beat Challenge. I have to admit i was a bit nervous but i made it through..haha…Here it is hope you guys enjoy it…..


1. A timer
2. A sampler
3. A single record to sample from.
4. Pre saved drum(s)/kit(s) permitted
5. Sampler turns on as the timer starts
6. No edited video allowed

The Beast (Video Premire)

Check out my video for my track ‪#‎TheBeast‬. I get a bit political here but to me its just spitting the truth. Agree or disagree Im going to do and say what I fee I have to say and thas why I will never sign to a Label. Its all about artistic freedom for me.

They go after the weak , those who can’t speak
And have nothing to eat
But somehow carry heat under the heat” –Ricky Balboa Tha Slk1


Good evening everyone….I’ve been busy in the lab working on a project I call #ANTIPSYCHOTIC. It’s something I have been working on for the last few months. I’m writing , producing , mixing and mastering the project myself so I don’t have a release date yet. Here’s a teaser to get things started and I plan dropping the first single this summer. So stay tune for more info so stay locked.

Lifes A Bitch 2016

So I decided to sample Alessia Cara’s smash hit “Here”. I chopped it up and played it over a classic break. Then threw AZ and Nas over the beat.