Cover Art (Part Of Me)

Ive been learning how to use photoshop and taking it seriously. This was my first attempt at a collage piece.

Check out my official website –



New Beat “These Streets” BEAT FOR LEASE

Check out this new beat I have up for lease at

If your into classic 90s early 2000s then this beat is for you. When I made the beat I pictured a story of the rose in the concrete.


Ricky Balboa tHa sLk 1

After 4 years I finally launched my first official website  Ricky Balboa tHa sLk 1

You’ll find all my music there plus more. Instrumentals , beat tapes and everything hip hop. Its at its infancy but it will grow as time goes by.

Im excited for the future so please join me and support your boy.

I still plan on posting here to.

Website 2

Ricky balboa tHa sLk 1

Crazy Winter “Until Next Time”

I released a new Beat Tape called “Crazy Winter” on all major digital music outlets. Here’s a track off it I call “Until Next Time”….

It’s a mellow beat perfect to chill to. The whole album is pretty chill.

Check out the whole Beat Tape here – Crazy Winter

It’s Been A Long Time

It’s been a while since I posted anything. To be honest I’ve been so busy with creating I forget to share what I already have. Its also hard to manage a bunch of social media accounts when you doing it all by yourself….Anyways I’m not much for words.

I’m back with a new beat and video. If your into classic Hip Hop then you should enjoy this. I call this “Something Classic”…..

Eminem The Music Producer

10 years ago Eminem was the featured producer on the cover of Scratch Magazine. He’s mostly known as an emcee obviously but there was a point he was producing a lot of his own stuff and his artists on Shady Records. He’s pretty nice on the boards but my favourite work of his is the stuff he did with the Bass Brothers not even Dr Dre and I’m a huge Dr Dre fan.