Video Game Systems From The Past

A brief description of your favourite Retro Game Systems remembered by a few of your favourite rhyme spitters.



The Original WU

Wu Tang Clan was and still is the coolest Hip Hop group ever….


The Real Queen Of Hip Hop

The Original Queen on the cover of The Source… Man what can you say about this woman, she’s done it all but her roots lay in the culture of Hip Hop and thats dope. Respect to the QUEEN !!!!!

Queen Latifah

The Source (1998)


Unsigned Hype

Before Eminem became a Hip Hop megastar he was jus another emcee who got some shine on the Unsigned Hype column in The Source magazine. In the future I will also be a megastar…haha….


The Source (Unsigned Hype)



F@#K Da Police (1990)

Fuck Da Police was the anthem…Theres been a lot of police brutality lately but to be honest its always been there. I remember being a kid listening to these rappers rap about their struggle with the law enforcement back in the early 90s when I was jus a lil tyke. I would end up with my own problems with the law later in my life. Anyways fuck the police and watch your back….

Artist – Andre LeRoy Davis

The Source (Last word)

Eazy E