Birthplace Of N.W.A

To celebrate the release of “Straight Outta Compton” Here’s a short article explaing the origins of N.W.A. Enjoy the movie and stay safe !!!!



Life’s Too Short

“So you wanna be a gangsta”….Here’s the O.G Pimp Too Short.


Video Game Systems From The Past

A brief description of your favourite Retro Game Systems remembered by a few of your favourite rhyme spitters.


Biggie & Pac

Pac & Biggie rocking the stage before muthfuckas start putting shit in their head while the media added fuel to the fire. Now people make more money off there deaths then they would if these brothers were still alive. We could learn the laws of physics but we can’t solve these murder cases. Hmmmm……


The Original WU

Wu Tang Clan was and still is the coolest Hip Hop group ever….