Birthplace Of N.W.A

To celebrate the release of “Straight Outta Compton” Here’s a short article explaing the origins of N.W.A. Enjoy the movie and stay safe !!!!



Justo Faison

The man and place that legitimized the modern mixtape. R.I.P Justo Faison


Where’s Chad Hugo ?

Neptunes on the cover of the 2005 winter issue of Scratch. Pharrell in front Chad in the back. Is Chad still producing ? I should find out what he’s been up to……


Scratch Magazine


I’m an emcee/producer who loves Hip Hop. Visit the links below to hear and see what I do.

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Danger Doom Interview 2005 (Scratch Magazine)

Here’s an interesting interview with Danger Doom (MF Doom & Danger Mouse) I scanned from an old issue of Scratch (Magazine). Enjoy your Saturday read !!!!!




Eminem The Music Producer

10 years ago Eminem was the featured producer on the cover of Scratch Magazine. He’s mostly known as an emcee obviously but there was a point he was producing a lot of his own stuff and his artists on Shady Records. He’s pretty nice on the boards but my favourite work of his is the stuff he did with the Bass Brothers not even Dr Dre and I’m a huge Dr Dre fan.


Birthplace Of Gangsta Rap

From the back of the May/June 2005 issue of Scratch. A lot of people may think Gangsta Rap began on the west coast but it actually began in Philly. Check out the article about the birthplace of Gangsta rap.


Nas & Premo Will it ever happen ?

Back in Jan/Feb of 2006 this issue of Scratch Magazine was released with Nas & Dj Premier on the cover. It was exciting and every hardcore Hip Hop head went crazy thinking they were going to announce an album together. Even tho there was talk about it. It never happened. Its been 9 years since and Im not sure if it will ever happen….I can still dream tho…..

Nas & Dj Premier