Beats & Rhymes Episode 5

Another day , another video…..Check out Episode 5 of my Beats & Rhymes Series. I left my comfort zone to make these videos and feel very proud of myself. It was hard but i did it because I believe in myself…..


Beats & Rhymes Episode 4

Here is episode 4 of my Beats & Rhymes series I started this week. Each day I share a preview to a track I’m working on…..Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel to stay updated as soon as a video drops…..

Beats & Rhymes Episode 3

Whats Good…..Here is episode 3 of my Beats & Rhymes series. Its where I spit a 16 over my own production. This is my third video this week….

Beats & Rhymes Episode 2

Whats up folks…Today I’m dropping another preview to a track Im working on. I’ll be dropping a video or two everyday starting now. Im really doing my best to get out of my comfort zone by making these videos. Im call this series Beats & Rhymes because well i’ll be sharing Beats & Rhymes……Enjoy !!!!

The Return

Hello ladies and gentlemen…..Its been a while since i posted anything but thats about to change. Let me start with sharing this video of me rapping over some of my production. It’s a preview of a song I’m currently working on. I plan on taking you all on a journey as I create my project and preview songs live as i go. Hope you all enjoy it and if you do then please share and reblog.

Thank you all so much !!!!

The Beast (Video Premire)

Check out my video for my track ‪#‎TheBeast‬. I get a bit political here but to me its just spitting the truth. Agree or disagree Im going to do and say what I fee I have to say and thas why I will never sign to a Label. Its all about artistic freedom for me.

They go after the weak , those who can’t speak
And have nothing to eat
But somehow carry heat under the heat” –Ricky Balboa Tha Slk1


Good evening everyone….I’ve been busy in the lab working on a project I call #ANTIPSYCHOTIC. It’s something I have been working on for the last few months. I’m writing , producing , mixing and mastering the project myself so I don’t have a release date yet. Here’s a teaser to get things started and I plan dropping the first single this summer. So stay tune for more info so stay locked.