The Last Word

Nas Back To The Past

Nas back in 1999. He would make his triumphant comeback in 2001 with Stillmatic thanks to Jay Z who sparked Nas to return to Nas and drop Escobar.

The Source (Last Word)

May 1999



Reggie Noble

Reggie Noble A.K.A RedMan…

The Source (Last Word)

Artist – Andre LeRoy Davis



F@#K Da Police (1990)

Fuck Da Police was the anthem…Theres been a lot of police brutality lately but to be honest its always been there. I remember being a kid listening to these rappers rap about their struggle with the law enforcement back in the early 90s when I was jus a lil tyke. I would end up with my own problems with the law later in my life. Anyways fuck the police and watch your back….

Artist – Andre LeRoy Davis

The Source (Last word)

Eazy E



Last Word Collection (The Source Magazine)

Here’s a collection of Last Word illustrations for you guys.

Artist – Andre LeRoy Davis

The Source (Last word)

1994 – 1997


OJ VS Mumia in ’96

For todays throwback Thursday…In 1996 The Source left us with this pic in their last word column. Oj is in jail now and Mumia Abu Jamal is dying on death row and the justice system is still broken. Here’s a link if you want to know more about Mumia Abu-Jamal .

Artist – Andre LeRoy Davis

The Source (The Last word)