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My Cover Art

Here’s a before and after picture of my newest cover. I took the picture on my iPhone and the played with it in photoshop.

IMG_3289 Im-about-to-ruin-cover



I was jus playing around in the studio and I came up with this track. I thought it was pretty dope so I’m sharing it….


The Villain In Black

The Villain In Black

Mc Ren is one of the dopest gangsta rappers from the 90s, a dope emcee overall. I remember memorizing Mc Ren lyrics from the album Niggaz4Life and rapping it to my friends at school who have never heard such nasty lyrics in their life lol. The NWA movie is being released soon and so far all you see is Cube & Dre the two guys who abandon the group lol. Ren stayed loyal till the end and remained loyal to Eazy-E. I hope they represent Ren in the right way in the movie but I think its going to be more of a Cube & Dre docudrama. I’ll judge it when I finally see it. I was and remain a huge NWA fan and everything thats sprouted from it’s branches. Long Live The villain !!!!!!!

(Who is it?)
The black nigga that they call Ren
(Who is it?)
The black nigga that they call Ren
(Who is it?)
The black nigga that they call Ren
You fuck with me, you gotta fuck with a Mac-10


Slow Down You Crazy Child

Song – Crazy Child

Written & Produced By Ricky Balboa tHa sLk 1

Cover Art By Ricky Balboa tHa sLk 1


Space Monk

Peep this funky joint I put together in a couple of days. I sampled a funky piano and chopped it over some nice drums with an added drum break for extra flavour.

“im a space monk bumping Masta Ace & G-Funk”…..Enjoy !!!!

Song Written & Produced By – Ricky Balboa tHa sLk 1

Space Monk

june 2015

Art by Ricky Balboa